Male • 4 weeks

Puppy ID: #648650

DOB: May 25, 2020

Available: July 21, 2020

Color: Fawn & White

Mom’s Weight: 25 – 30 lbs

Dad’s Weight: 22 – 25 lbs

Registry: UABR


About Jacks

We are pleased to introduce you to Jacks. This handsome baby is on his way to becoming a mighty dog, just like his parents. Jacks is filled with energy and you will never have a dull moment with this guy. His personality is seeming to be inquisitive and his affectionate nature is contagious. Jacks will arrive to you up to date on his vaccinations, along with a full nose to tail vet check. Make Jacks yours today, so you can join him on his next adventure.

About French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are one of the more popular dog breeds in the United States. Despite their name, they come from England, not France, and have been bred to be companion animals for several hundred years. Frenchies have the characteristic short muzzles of bulldogs, but are smaller than their traditional Bulldog counterparts. They are very playful and affectionate in nature, and love to be near their people. French Bulldogs, which tend to be no larger than 28 lbs. in adulthood, are adaptable to both small and large spaces, and are devoted pets to individuals and families.


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